HIERARCHY OF NEEDS - Backa Teater (2019) - script: Adel Darwish - director: Mattias Andersson - actors: Adel Darwish, Josefin Neldén, Rasmus Lindgren, Ramtin Parvaneh - dancers: Marcel Gomes, Aleksandra Jovic  - set design: Maja Kall - costumes: Helena Arvidsson - sound and music: Kristina Issa + Jonas Redig - light video: Tomas Fredriksson - mask: Josefin Ekerås 

Performance created for Atlas of Transitions - a Creative Europe funded collaboration between Teatr Powszechny in Poland, Theatre de Liege in Belgium, Emilia Romagna Teatro in Italy, Le Channel Scene Nationale in France, Motus Terrae in Greece and Albanian Theatre Association.  

More about the performance at Backa Teater HERE

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